Treeline Dance Works

dance. wellness. collaboration.

Treeline Dance Works is a New York City based contemporary dance performance co-op that seeks to honor the creative voices and artistic input of its multiple collaborators through joint investment in movement research. The company has performed and taught nationally and internationally at over 40 venues, sharing their passion as active educators, performers and choreographers.

With an emphasis on an open feedback forum, this collaborative entity explores juxtapositions in movement, intermingling the quirky with the athletic, the subtle with the explosive, and the intimate with the communal.




Residency at Hathaway Brown

December 3, 2016
Cleveland, OH

Residency at Wells College

February 3-6 2017
Aurora, New York

Treeline Dance Works creates kinetically charged works rooted in the wellspring of deeply intimate memories, thoughts and encounters.

Past Performances




    Warm it up with some planks!

    Variations on a Plank; we have used this sequence as a rehearsal warm-up. Begin on your hands and knees, shoulders aligned with wrists and hips aligned with knees. On your exhale lift the knees to hover 2 inches from the floor (Short Plank). With an over under hand placement, begin walking yourself around (I am […]

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